Thomas Ernest Ellis

Thomas Ellis was born in Kingston, Surrey 1896 the son of a Bootmaker Thomas Ellis and his wife Hannah Davis, he was always known as Ernest as his fathers first name was also Thomas. Ernest married my Grandmother Olive Mountain in Cheam 1921

Ernest was an amaizing man, he could turn his hand to anything, something that filtered through to my father and myself. He was a keen photographer, a briliant self taught pianist, an amature actor, even wove the carpets for his house. Ernest and Olive where Quakers and as such Ernest was a conscientious objector during ww2, he was sentenced and impisoned in Dartmore. At some point in his life he trained to be a Dentist and fairly well off had a four story house built at the bottom of Downscourt Road. The house must have been purpous built as it had a lift to the lower ground floor which was his surgery, accessed by the public via Downscourt road. The house “Runton” was compulsary purchased by the council to make way for a roundabout to be built at the junction of Downs Court, Warren and Godstone roads, it was never built and the beautiful house and gardens were lost and Ernest and Olive were forced to move to a flat in Banstead Road.

The house was next to Friends meeting house still there today, my Auntie and one cousin where both married there. Near the top of Downs Court road lived his good friend Peter Cushing and in 1954 Ernest funded my father to open Purley Radio in Purley Parade. Ernest Died in 1971 and his wife Dorothy was killed in a tragic accident in 1975, she had poor eyesite and walked out in front of a bus at the crossing outside Richards (her son) shop.

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