A new age

In 1994 I produced our first website, all about the company and products we sold, also I started a section about Purley advertising local businesses, at this time Stewart Spiers (early Purley Radio owner) was a lecturer in Electron Microscopy split living in Calafornia and Purley, America was way ahead of us with the internet and he was able to comment on the website wherever he was. I had already tried Mial order selling in Gardeners world and sports magazines so had a little knowledge of how selling online could work. Stewart looked into payment software in the USA and I eventualy tried it out and we sold our first radio with online payment in 1995.

1998/9 I had built a website selling all sorts of radios and shopping online was becoming popular. Our website Simplyradios.com became quite famous and with over 150 models in stock we were the bigest independant radio retailer in the UK with very close ties with Roberts Radio and Pure Digital, we also ran a discusion forum for radio advice and new product launches when it closed we had 3400 members.

Purley Radio and Stewart now turned full circle, I employed him to review products on our website, from 2000 every radio on the website had an independant review written by Stewart.

In 2008 I closed the shop, sold the rentals to Forbes and took Simplyradios to a small industrial unit in Shoreham by Sea. As well as the website/mail order business as a radio engineer I had become service agent for Freeplay and Pure Digital and also a refurbishing unit for Pure. Purley Radio still exists today as a supplier of replacement parts for Pure under the name Purespares.co.uk

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