A Windup

In 1994 I saw Trevor Baylis on Tomorrows World wanting to produce a windup radio to help spread the word about aids in Africa and in 1995 I think Baygen was started by two men in South Africa, as a radio retailer I approached them and asked if we could sell it in the UK, after a lot of meetings it was eventualy agreed that we could, so Purley Radio had a first.

We eventualy promoted and sold every radio and torch Freeplay produced, going to launches in London and consumer shows. So now for a coincidence, Trevor was a stunt diver working for Purley Pools and remembered Purley Radio, he used to buy batteries there for his radios. In about 1966 my parents took me to a small island on the Thames to look at a small house they were thinking of buying as a holiday home, it was Eal Pye Island where Trevor lived

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